Public Procurement Law

The law firm's practice is particularly focused on the field of public procurement, in which we have had many years of experience.

Public procurement comprises legal actions by which the state, in largu sensu, based on financial relationships, purchases goods, services or it carries out works according to a regulated procedure. Public procurement provisions interfere with contractual relations with the public sector by determining certain mandatory conduct of contracting authorities and tenderers regarding the purchase of goods, services and works. It is a specific legal area, the regulatory framework of which is set out by EU rules, which means that expert knowledge in this field requires an exceptionally up-to-date track of the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU and the National Review Commission.

In the public procurement field, our law firm cooperates with tenderers or contracting authorities in all phases of procurement procedures and review procedures, as well as in the preparation of all acts regarding the performance of contract. Our office is specialized in consulting and representing tenderers and contracting authorities in public procurement procedures before contracting authorities, the National Review Commission, European Commission and the Court of Justice of the EU, as well as preparing legal opinions regarding these procedures. Our lawyers are also renowned as authors of numerous professional contributions and publications in the field of public procurement, and are regularly involved as lecturers on professional conferences.

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