Public-Private Partnership ans Concessions Law

Public-private partnership involves various forms of cooperation between public authorities and the business world, the aim of which is to provide a private initiative for financing, administrating, constructing, renewing, conducting or maintaining infrastructure or providing public services, and which is characterized by long-term contracts and the sharing of business risks and effects. Public-private partnership can be implemented as a contractual partnership, which can have either the nature of a concession partnership or a public-procurement partnership; or an equity (institutional) partnership.

Concessions and public-private partnership are two - mostly, but not necessarily - overlapping concentric circles. Concessions are usually, but not necessarily, public-private partnerships. However, there is also a range of public as well as private concessions, which do not belong within this group. All this requires separate consideration, to which the law firm is academically dedicated. We advise clients and represent them in all phases of performance of public-private partnership projects and concessions, provide assistance in drawing up concession documents and concession contracts and other regulations of complex relations among stake-holders in such relations, which demand  thorough knowledge of both public as well as civil legal framework of the latter.

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