Grants / European Funds

Our law firm has developed a leading practice in representing clients in procedures regarding (European) grants and public funds co-financing before national administrative bodies and courts, as well as the Court of Justice of  the EU, with regard to projects relating to:

  • various projects, which are co-financed from structural and cohesion funds,
  • agricultural means (rural development measures, aids to transferees of farms etc.)
  • other projects, which are co-financed from the state and Community budget.

Representing clients in these procedures, in which the state enforces calculated financial corrections in civil proceedings using COCOF guidelines and other sources, or imposes on clients the retribution/payment of amounts in administrative procedures, requires an extra thorough and constant monitoring of the EU law development, as well as case law of national courts and administrative bodies. In many cases, a good knowledge of public procurement law is also of key importance. Daily monitoring of European and national case law in this field and publishing professional contributions in this respect falls within regular work of this law firm.

Law firm contacts for the grants/European funds field:


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