Commercial law
Our law firm is intensely involved in activities regarding the operation and organization of companies. We offer representation to companies and sole traders when solving disputes, as well as assistance in ensuring the fulfilment of obligations arising from relations with other legal entities and recovering debts before courts, and other services related to commercial and tax law. We also engage in consulting with regard to establishment acts and acts of transformation of companies, drawing up contracts and other acts by which companies enter into legal relations with other entities.

Within the field of Commercial Law, the law firm covers the following areas, in particular:
  • Contractual Commercial Law (drafting of various commercial contracts)
  • Commercial Disputes (consulting and representation of clients in solving disputes)
  • Real Estate Law and Construction Law (consultations regarding  the rules of real estate trade and rules regulating the construction of buildings; with regard to obtaining all necessary permits for construction, legal regulation of stakeholder relations: investor, subcontractor etc.)
  • Insolvency Law (proceedings related to insolvency – bankruptcy, compulsory settlement)
  • Tax Law
  • Merchant Law (a particular law of traders or entities involved in economic activity, movement of goods and services, required to carry out the necessary transport and other related activities; use of trade usages, INCOTERM clauses, etc.)
  • International Commercial Law (the use of international legal acts, which are the result of activities of international economic associations)
  • Intellectual Property Law (copyright law and industrial property law – patent law, trademark, designs, models,…)
  • Corporate Law or Company Law (obligation and corporate legal relationships, next to corporate law in a broader sense, it also includes corporate organization of specific legal entities, such as institutions, agricultural cooperatives, foundations, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurial Law (it relates to regulations on business operations of enterprises, basic responsibilities regarding the management of accounting and reporting of business operations to competent authorities, as well as rules of conduct in the liquidation of a company or in their termination without liquidation)
  • Competition Law (in particular regulated by EU law)
  • Securities Law (shares, bonds, bill of exchange and check law, and other forms of modern securities)
  • Law regarding banks,  insurance companies, investments funds and asset management companies

Law firm contacts for the Commercial Law field:
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