Civil Law

From a broader perspective, the civil law field is the most extensive legal field, as it roughly includes:

  • Law of obligations (it regulates rights and obligations of entities, who enter into reciprocal relationships, usually based on transactions or conduct that establish obligations between them)
  • Law of property (it regulates possession and real rights, proprietary rights and iura in re aliena – easement, building title, land charge, mortgage, encumbrance,..)
  • Law of succession
  • Non-litigious law (it regulates the status of individuals and similar legal matters, which do not represent a dispute between parties)
  • Personality rights and protection of personal data law
  • Family law (regulates the status of individuals, marriage, cohabitation, property relations between marital partners and partners in cohabitation, relationship between parents and children, foster care, guardianship, adoption,..).

Due to the dynamics and diversity of relationships that arise daily between individuals, civil law is extremely broad and diverse. Through a deep knowledge of civil law areas, we assist clients by counselling and representing them in legal relationships or concluding contracts. Furthermore, we prepare the necessary documentation to conclude contracts of civil law, we offer legal opinions and legal interpretation, as well as intervene in negotiations between disputing parties. We also prepare settlement proposals, or we advise and represent clients in court proceedings at all stages.

Law firm civil law contracts:


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